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Naomi’s holistic, corrective rejuvenation facial treatments are way more than just facials. Once you have experienced one you will understand why.Some say they are a form of body, mind and skin therapy that not only makes a lasting, significant visual improvement to your complexion due to the high grade cosmeceutical professional strength products used but also creates a sense of inner calm for your mind and body allowing stress and tension to dissolve. Most clients say they feel like they have been on a holiday after a treatment, some say it feels like a body, skin tune up, feeling of being transformed, and some can barely speak after their treatment as they are so relaxed. This is not only due to the space Naomi creates and holds for that person receiving the facial treatment but also the amount of care and healing intention she provides with her 28 years of professional experience. Naomi allows you to disconnect from the outer world and deeply let go. The letting go is different for everyone. Built up mental, emotional and physical tension is so important to be released for greater wellbeing.

Naomi understands and respects this is your time so talking throughout your treatment is minimized so you to enjoy quiet time and go deeper into relaxation.

Every Facial Therapy Treatment is customised to your personal needs and the skin condition that is currently presenting.   Your face, décolletage, hands and feet will be massage with nourishing plant-based creams, aromatherapy organic oils with reassuring healing touch that utilizes acupressure, aromatherapy, ayurvedic massage techniques, remedial massage therapy and reflexology. Your arms, calves, neck and shoulders are massaged with firm nurturing pressure to your liking with a firm, soothing touch.

It’s not all about relaxation, you can be assured of getting the best skin result because Naomi uses a comprehensive and accurate consultation / analysis method, the Pastiche Method.   This method focuses on the cause of skin conditions to appropriately target interventions as opposed to just treating the symptoms. Have confidence knowing your complexion will never be damaged with aggressive procedures or incorrectly prescribed products and home carer outines.